Visitor Visa

A visitor visa (also called a temporary resident visa) is an official document that sticks in your passport.

Visitor Visa

visitor visa

Every year, millions of tourists come to Canada. In actuality, more than 35 million people come to Canada every year to take advantage of the various opportunities the nation provides, including visiting family and friends. Unless you are a citizen of a nation that does not require visas, a TRV may be required if you want to travel temporarily to Canada. Batis Immigration can assist you with the Visitor Visa Application, Contact today!

Canadian TRV (Visitor Visa)

It is also known with other names- Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Canada Tourist Visa. It is a legal document stamped on passport by Canada Visa Office to prove eligibility to enter Canada temporarily whether it be a visitor, a student, or a worker.

Single/Multiple Entry Visitor Visa

A single entry visa and a multiple entry visa are the two different types of visitor visas for Canada. Foreign nationals can visit Canada once only with a single entry visa. As long as the visa is still in effect, the holder of a multiple entry visa is permitted unlimited entry and exit from Canada. You do not have to specify which type of application you want to submit; all applications are automatically given
consideration for multiple-entry visas, and single-entry visas are only granted in exceptional cases.

Types of Visitor Visas

Study: This permit enables students to study in Canada for a short time and often includes information about the school they will be attending as well as their course of study.

Work: If you are a foreign national and wish to work in Canada, you must have a work permit from Canada. In Canada, working typically requires a work permit.

Business: With the help of this visa, qualified candidates can explore exciting business prospects across Canada and get a taste of local life.

Duration of Stay: Up to 6 months

You might be granted a stay of less than six months or more by the immigration border services at the port of entry. They sometimes note the departure date in your passport after they have allowed you a period of stay. A visitor record is required if you intend to stay longer than 6 months, which will include the deadline by which you must depart, may also be provided by the immigration officer.


  • Have a valid travel document, such as a passport
  • Be in good health and not have any convictions for crimes or immigration-related offenses.
  • Convince an immigration official that you have ties to your native country, such as a job, home, money, or family.
  • Persuade an immigration officer that you will depart Canada after your visit is over and that you have the funds to cover your expenses.

Upon expiry of Visitor Visa, it is not allowed to stay in the country. Either you can leave the county or can restore the visa which can be applied within time frame of 90 days from the day visa got expired.
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Factors for Restoration

  • Why you want to remain in Canada for longer.
  • Evidence of your current status in Canada.
  • Your ability to support oneself financially in Canada must be demonstrated in writing.
  • A schedule indicating the days and times you will depart Canada.
  • Prove that you are only temporarily residing in Canada.

Obtaining visitor status is necessary if you are in Canada on a visitor visa and want to apply for a stay extension. A Canadian immigration office is where you can apply for visitor record  if you are already in Canada. But before your present visitor status expires, you should submit your application. Batis Immigration can assist you with the Visitor Visa Extension!

You will have visitor status for six months if you enter Canada under the designation “visitor”  if your status expires, but you have previously applied for an extension and are awaiting your renewal, you have implied status up until a decision is made on your extension application, in
which case you would not have implied status. If your request for an extension is denied, you may request restoration of status as long as you do so within 90 days of the date of the denial.

parent and grandparent super visa

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

A super visa allows individuals to spend extended periods of time visiting their children or grandchildren, with the option to stay for up to 5 years per visit. This visa grants multiple entries and remains valid for a maximum period of 10 years. Upon arrival in Canada, a border services officer will determine the authorized duration of stay.

To be eligible for a super visa, certain criteria must be met, and one such requirement is the mandatory provision of medical insurance.

  • Be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada.
  • Obtain a signed invitation letter from your child or grandchild residing in Canada, which includes a commitment to financially support you during your visit. The letter should also mention the number of people living in their household and provide a copy of their Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document.
  • Possess valid private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company, which must be paid in full or through installments with a deposit. The insurance should have a minimum validity of one year starting from the date of your arrival in Canada, cover your healthcare expenses, hospitalization, and repatriation, and offer at least $100,000 emergency coverage.
  • It is important to note that the private health insurance must be valid for each entry to Canada, and you should be ready to present proof of paid insurance to a border services officer if requested upon entry.
  • Apply for a super visa from outside Canada and await instructions from the visa office regarding the printing of your visa outside the country.
  • Ensure that you meet the entry requirements to Canada.
  • Take an immigration medical examination.
  • Fulfill any other specified conditions.

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